Terms & Conditions

Cleanup of our paper flowers is very simple, just use a duster of some sort that is oil free and of course always water free. Water is papers enemy, be kind to our creations! :)

At this time we do not offer wholesale pricing but for large quantity orders we can offer some sort of discount. We look forward to doing business with you and hope to make you a repeat customer!

Are your products handmade?
Yes, all of our items on From Trees to These are handcrafted and one of a kind. Each item will have a slight variation from another due to the nature of items being hand cut, glued and assembled one by one. If you order multiple items of the same design, don't worry we will do our very best to create them the same way, but please keep in mind that no two items will be identical.

How do you calculate shipping and taxes?
When we navigate through various crafting websites and homemade goods we have to be honest......shipping plays a huge part in our decision making process. We don't mind paying shipping for items that we really need but we don't think it is necessary to promise your first born for some basic green cardstock! Wouldn't it be nice if everything shipped for free?? In a perfect world it would! Well, at From Trees to These, you will never be charged for shipping, that means that when you go to purchase your item you will not see a charge for shipping, only a small fee for taxes. That tax fee will only be charged in the state of Oklahoma. We use various shipping agents to include USPS, ground UPS, and ground FedEx. You can have your item shipped faster than our regular shipping methods but please email us before purchasing the item you would like so that we can make arrangements for faster service. If you are ordering something to have a fast turn-around please keep in mind that all of our items are custom and hand-made. We hope you enjoy shopping at our website and enjoy even more the endless free shipping!

At this time we do not have my items available to ship overseas or to APO address, but we can accomodate that if you contact us ahead of time. We are proud military spouses so we understand how difficult it can be to get stuff in remote locations sometimes.

Do you take custom orders?
Yes, we love custom orders! We have three talented artists just waiting to make your next custom design. Please email us to start working on your project.

Do you take custom orders for weddings?
Yes, again we love custom orders! Just the same as custom orders email us and one of our three artists will start working with you on your dream wedding flowers. Larger projects such as weddings do take more time so please contact someone as soon as possible, even if you aren't quite sure about paper flowers.

We do lots of other events such as proms, first communion, and sweet sixteen. If it is an event that calls for flowers we are always interested!