Blue Dendrobium Hair Pin/Clip (1)

This is a listing for a single blue dendrobium hair pin. It is 3.5 inches at it's widest width. This flower is hand made from cutting, embossing each petal, to the airbrushing of the beautiful and rare violet and indigo blue.

If you would like this item to be shipped to you outside of the United States, please let us know so we can figure the additional shipping costs for the items you wish to purchase. We have military members in our family and understand how hard it is to get things when you live overseas so if you have an APO address please let us know before purchasing. Thanks!

We also accept custom orders so if you are interested in ordering an entire wedding package of these flowers or have a picture you would like us to recreate or an idea, please contact us for pricing and timelines. We have a color chart posted but regardless we can match any crazy color you can come up with! We would be happy to custom match your color choice. When contacting us please let us know what day you plan to be married and where in the country you live. : )

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